Our Products in Action...

This is the shirt that Sarai was wearing that made a huge difference in my life.

We had just made the shirts and wanted to have Sarai (our 25 year old daughter that has special needs) to try it out and see if it would make a difference on how people treated her.

I’m so happy to say it made a HUGE difference. Someone came up to her and actually talked to her. I didn’t realize that for years, nobody talked to her in public. It broke my heart when she came over to me and said “that lady talked to me!” She was so shocked and happy.

Now she grabs a button, shirt or lanyard before leaving the house. It’s made such a difference in how people “see” her and acknowledge her.

If you know of anyone that that can benefit from these products message me. I would love to make a difference in their lives.

Or if you can share this to get the word out.