Photo Shoot & Confidence Building

This was at a photo shoot we did for people with special needs in our community.

We gave away products and were able to visit with other special needs families and hear their stories. Their stories were very similar to what we have been through.

What was so great about this day is Sarai (our 25 year old with special needs) shined. She was the reason we were all getting together and the reason this foundation was created.

Something changed in her this day. She became the helper. She was born with wanting to help people. She was by far, the most outgoing and most friendly one of our family, she would talk to anyone and I feared someone would take her because she loved people so much and people loved her.......until life and tragedies got to her.

Now she will barely talk to a stranger, she won’t order her own food at a restaurant. (We are working on this) It reminded me that in school she volunteered to be a helper for special needs. She wanted to be the helper, instead of the one being helped. She did this for years / she went to the special needs classrooms and helped the other kids.

I’m sharing our story to help others (not to make people cry...I have messages from people saying they cried from the stories) -.

I believe she is going to slowly get her confidence back. Your loving support has made a huge difference