Self Love & Special Needs

My beautiful daughter wrote this for a tv interview we were doing... it may make you tear up. Please share if it touches you! 


This generation is amazing at recognizing and practicing self love. I don't know about you, but I haven't completely mastered it. So think of someone with special needs and their understanding of self love and manifesting that within themselves, that can be hard to do for anyone.

In psychology classes, I remember learning that our perceptions of ourselves are based upon how other people react to us and this starts at an early age. Basically, if people have always told you that you are sweet or caring person, you grow to believe that you are that type of person down to your core.

However, on the opposite end of that spectrum, if you are constantly seeing people being frustrated with you, being rude to you, uncaring or even ignore you, you may not learn to value yourself or may simply think that you are just a person that frustrates people or makes them angry.

In reality this has nothing to do with you, it has to do with other person, but as a child growing up or special needs person, you may not be able to rationalize this, you start turning inward and may not want to interact with the outside world because you fear their anger and hostility and sometimes just flat out rudeness.

This was a big factor of why we started Kindhearted, because my sister Sarai had started developing these fears of people and they just didn't understand, so we would consistently tell people she had special needs and it would usually change their persona, but now with these products it is visible and a constant reminder to people to BE KIND! BE COMPASSIONATE!

It gives them a chance to think about their reactions and be the joy in someone's day. It has had a huge impact on her confidence and her self love, she has been more outgoing, more brave, and funnier than ever making witty jokes with people in the check out line and talking to people who take the extra time to be kind to her. It is really an amazing thing to witness!