Sharing a Story

This is Sarai when she was about 3 years old and had just been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis.

I have so many stories on this journey, but one I was thinking about is the day she was born. All we ever want as parents is to “have a healthy baby.” I remember not caring if the baby was a boy or girl. (Just wanted a healthy baby)

When we arrived at the hospital to deliver her, they didn’t believe I was in labor and didn’t have any doctors on duty. They had just switched shifts and there wasn’t one on duty.

My water had broke and I was at a 10 when the nurse checked me. She told me “you can’t have the baby yet, there isn’t any doctors on duty!”

It’s a crazy story....needless to say I held her in for up to 45 minutes for our doctor to get there. She had lost so much oxygen and was blue and liturgic when she was born and I didn’t think she would make it. She ended up having to stay in the hospital for 7 days and was taken away from me after losing oxygen again after being born.

I was so happy that she survived that I never realized that it could have done damage to her. I never wanted to believe that anything was wrong with her, so I didn’t pursue anything until years later when I picked up the records after she was an adult and I needed her records to get her approved for disability. It showed in the report that she had lost a lot of oxygen.