Our Story

Kindhearted for Special Needs was developed out of a personal need to share awareness and thoughtfulness to people with disabilities. 

Having a 25 year old daughter that has special needs ourselves, we've struggled throughout the years with how to make it clear that in many situations she needs a little more time, requires a little more patience, needs a little more assistance and compassion than is commonly given. We try to be with her at all times to protect her, however, sometimes that is simply not realistic. 

We searched for a way to help others quickly understand and to be aware that she is special needs without us trying to explain constantly to everyone we encounter. Simply put, that is how Kindhearted was born. 

We are excited to offer our products to all people that have disabilities and their families with the hope that these products will bring awareness, understanding, patience, and our biggest hope of all - people will be kindhearted towards their fellow children, men, women, students, or whoever they may encounter with special needs. 

As our product lines and ideas continue to grow, we hope that you, and your friends and families will continue to grow with us. 

Please feel free to share your stories. You can do that by clicking here.

With all kindness,
The Thomas family